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English Grammar Course


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All Levels

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9h 30m

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Course Content

verb to be

First Tense: simple present
The following lesson you will all 12 Tenses. step by step

Second Tense: present Continuous

Third Tense: Simple Past

Fourth Tense: Past continuous

fifth Tense: Simple future

Sixth Tense: present perfect

Seventh Tense: past perfect

Eighth Tense: Present perfect continuous

Ninth Tense: past perfect continuous

Tenth Tense :future continuous

Eleventh Tense: future perfect

Twelfth Tense: future perfect continuous


Eight Parts of Speech

conditional sentences

Passive Voice

Question Tags

reported Speech /indirect speech

short forms and short answers


prefix and suffix

comparatives and superlatives

countable and uncountable nouns

as….as comparison

wished and regrets

phrasal verbs

About Course

Complete English Grammar Course waa koorso aad ku baran doonto naxwaha luuqadda Ingiriiska oo dhamaystiran, waxaana bixinaya Ahmednor Hassan Qayre oo ahaa Bare luuqadda Ingiriiskaa Ku dhowaad 10 sano.
koorsadaan waxaa loogu talagalay qofkast oo wax uga bilaabanyihiin luuqadda islamarkaana doonaya in uu barto sida saxda ah ee loo qoro, loogu hadlo, loona fahmo,


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